The Zoron 

Playing a game on a computer  causes confusion and chaos.


CAST: 23 speaking parts (15m, 8f but some variable m/f).

SETTINGS: The luxurious home of the Smuglee family and the impoverished headquarters of a gang of crooks.

COSTUMES: Present day.

RUNNING TIME: about 80 minutes  (plus interval)

'The play was originally written for a prep school cast, and was given definite thumbs up after our first read through.'


'This script was perfect for this age group; it offered plenty of speaking parts with no starring lead, there was lots of humour.'

Christine Earnshaw, Glebe House School, Norfolk, UK

Cuthbert Smuglee is addicted to playing computer games and almost believes that he must save the world by defeating the Zorons. During a late night computer "battle" a Zoron-type figure breaks into the house and kidnaps him. Before long he is assisting his captors, the most inept gang of would-be criminals imaginable, to demand a ransom.

Meanwhile the police are called and television reporters arrive; his doting and dotty parents are distraught although his sister Jonquil throws a party to celebrate his disappearance. There is a commotion in the garden: Cuthbert is home. 

But that is not quite the end of the story!

The full script of 
The Zoron
is available from 
School Play Scripts

Script Sample

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