Following the coronation of King William V and subsequent exhausting tours the entire Royal Family is in need of rest and relaxation.  They all visit Tuttacappei, a tropical island and luxury resort that is a thought to be an extinct volcano. When the volcano suddenly erupts the entire Royal Family is apparently destroyed. Who will be the heir to the British throne? 

Genealogists set to work and discover that Trevor, a bus driver and Communist trade union leader  is next in  line. Politically Trevor is opposed to any Monarchy but he decides that here is a chance to go down in history as the first Communist King! 

Trevor has some original, revolutionary and imaginative ideas but finds being King is not so easy when messages from the Kremlin are delivered by one of the palace staff. Chaos ensues!


Home Secretary - who is concerned about security

Prime Minister - who is good in a crisis

Lord Mayor of London - who is very distinguished

Archbishop of Canterbury - who is very aware of his position

Foreign Secretary - who is worried about the French

Duke of Chattery - who is out of touch with reality

Valerie Perdigree - who is a genealogist

Trevor - who is a bus driver from Southend

Mavis - who is a school cook and Trevor's wife

Clarence - who is a very traditional footman  

Anna -  who is  more than she seems

Herald - who makes an official announcement

Head Chef - who presents menus in French

Prince  - who is always on the ball

Princess  - who is a alert as her brother

Period - some time in the future

Setting - an opulent room in a London palace

Running Time - 80 to 90 minutes depending on production

Script Sample.

Red King Sample.pdf Red King Sample.pdf
Size : 370.241 Kb
Type : pdf

The Red King 

is published by Silver Birchington Plays, Ilminster, Somerset.


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