Seeking Sleeping Beauty

A fairy tale twisted!

An unusual version of a famous story.

A original play script that is different!

A twisted fairy tale!


This is a play that appeals to actors of all ages. Seeking Sleeping Beauty has been performed by a  variety of drama groups in UK, USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada and China.

'An enjoyable yarn that brought together so many children's favourites from the fairy tale world. The children loved performing and the audience loved every minute. A great production that all can be involved in.'

Chris Barrow - Bedford Modern Junior School

Lost on a hunting expedition Prince Florimund encounters Lilac, a fairy with hay fever. She can't help him but tells of an enchanted castle where lies a sleeping princess that is somewhere in the forest. With his reluctant companion, Nomdeplume, the prince embarks upon a quest to find the sleeping princess. On their way the two encounter some familiar characters that have somehow strayed into the famous story …


Red Riding Hood's basket is raided  …

Dracula is delighted to hear of a sleeping maiden …

Bertha, who lives in a shoe, wants to open a café …

Rapunzel’s hair has a special use …

Hansel and Gretel are also lost …

Carabosse is a not so efficient witch …

Princess Aurora wants to live happily ever after ...

...but only on her terms !

How can there be a happy ending … ?

Produced by

Dreamaker Drama 

Education Center, 


Featured in China Plus English News 

'Seeking Sleeping Beauty'

has been performed in the theatre

 at least a dozen times. 

Widely recognized as one of the theatre's best shows, 

Seeking Sleeping Beauty

will continue to help 

young talents

 be active and 

shine on the stage.'

Romance takes some unusual twists .... 

Published by Lazy Bee Scripts

Read the script on line 

Seeking Sleeping Beauty



Pictures of a production by Derby University Students' Union Theatre Group - December 2014 

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