The Love for Three Oranges
performed by Meridian Academy, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

We so enjoyed it, and the community had a blast. Thank you again for the tremendous play! 

Catherine Epstein, Meridian Academy, Boston, USA.


The Love for Three Oranges

 at Mount Kelly Prep School, Tavistock, UK 


Newspaper feature ...

'Bl... Bl ... Bluebeard!' 

performed by Dreamaker Drama Academy, Beijing.  

This group has selected three plays by Mark Billen for production in less than two years! 

'Cinderella's Sisters ... happy ever after?' 

performed by

Dreamaker Drama Academy, Beijing, China

January 2015

 A photo-gallery of this production.

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Photo - gallery of 

'Seeking Sleeping Beauty '

performed by 

Derby University Students' Union Theatre Society

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(All photographs by Mark Billen.)

'Seeking Sleeping Beauty'   

 Bedford Modern Junior School, UK  



Photographs by Peter Ryan


This play has been given twelve performances by

Dreamaker Drama Academy, 

Beijing, China 


Sleeping Beauty 



Seeking Sleeping Beauty 

Cathedral High School 


Massachusetts, USA 


Photographs by Shari Barrett

All in the Stars

performed by

Kentwood  Players Kids

Westchester Playhouse

Los Angeles


The Love for Three Oranges 

at the 

British International School 



The Love for Three Oranges 

ICS Inter-Community School, Zurich

                     Two productions of  Bl ... Bl ... Bluebeard! 

Seeking Sleeping Beauty

Red Riding Hood with Hansel and Gretel.

           Wells Central School, 

             Hamilton County, USA

The court asleep. 

 Rapunzel's hair is mistaken for a bell rope.

 Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund meet ... at last!

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