Perfect Pupil 

A really funny play with interesting characters and plenty of surprises. 

mixed age play

Fed up with dreadful reports of failing schools, the Department for Schools comes up with a brilliant idea - develop a robot to carry out inspections and provide reports. Of course, it is incapable of making a bad report but it doesn't  take long for things to go wrong ...

CAST Minimum Male roles = 9. Minimum Female roles = 3 

(But casting can easily be adjusted.) 

Minimum total with doubling = 16. Minimum total without doubling = 24. Extras. 

Characters are a mixture of adults and children - either to be played by children or by a mix of adults and kids. 

RUNNING TIME - about 80 minutes - depending on production.

SETS - two simple sets - a government office and a classroom.   

COSTUMES - Present day

 Published by Lazy Bee Scripts

Read the script on line


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