Mark Billen  is an accomplished playwright who specialises in writing plays for young people to perform. His scripts have been highly praised for their suitability for schools and youth drama groups. Mark's plays have been performed in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and in international schools in  Germany, Luxembourg, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Singapore, Ethiopia and China.

Internationally Mark's work has been featured in

Broadway World


China Plus English News.

Mark has also written books for younger readers and 'Tales from The Forest' which is a collection of short stories that recalls life in the country not so long ago. A sequel, 'When The Gorse Is In Bloom' was published in June 2017.

 Mark Billen

Writer and playwright


The author, with his thinking cap, trying  to create some new old jokes for his next play!


'Tales from the Forest'

The villagers of Whytteford will entertain you in tales of laughter sadness and the life of The Forest.

ISBN 978-1-910322-02-4 

Available from Black Pear Press

Kindle readers  - also available on Amazon


A wonderful, humorous book full of fascinating characters and many chickens! This is an England as many of us remember, but which is sadly disappearing, except in The Forest. ... This is a very recently published book, but I am sure that like me, people will be champing at the bit for more once they have read this one. So please, Mark, let's have another one or two! Can't wait.

Fantastic collection of short stories of a village in the countryside. The way of life depicted has gone forever. Good relaxing Sunday afternoon read. Well worth purchasing. Looking forward to the next installment.   

If you would like a picture painted of life in country England in the post war years, told through a montage of short stories, this is the book for you. Each story is told in a charming, often amusing, but easy style, based close to the truth, but all centred round a fictitious village in middle England.
The more essays I read, the more I enjoyed the book. As a senior citizen, I could relate to each tale. Please write more, Mark.

Readers' reviews on Amazon.

When The Gorse Is In Bloom 

More Tales from The Forest

Another collection of short stories based on the rural life of not so long ago.

ISBN 978-1-910322-34-5  

Available on Amazon and 

from Black Pear Press



The Folk of 

The Forest

The third volume of Mark Billen's tales from rural life presents the reader with a feast of memorable characters.

There's a poacher, an omniscient grandmother, appalling Auntie Madge, a workshy village bobby, an octogenarian couple still enjoying the high life, various crooks and rogues, a tipsy clergyman and many more. The human subjects are accompanied by a menagerie of animals: foxes, pheasants, dogs, horses, incontinent cattle and even a beloved teddy bear.

Many of the tales are humorous yet nostalgic for a way of life that has been swept away by modernity.

The Folk of the Forest 

is available for £8 + p&p from 

Black Pear Press

ISBN 978-1-913418-15-1

and on AMAZON



Another story by Mark Billen

The Crunching in the Night 

This is a story about a little girl called Alice who is woken by strange crunching sounds coming from the kitchen. With the help of  brave Henry Bear she decides to investigate ...

Illustrated by Madeleine Ridd


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Mark has also written a series of books for younger children about the adventures of two lovable teddies – 

Henry Bear and his 

Cousin Fred.

These books are published in aid of 

 Action for Children.

Beware of the Neighbourhood Witch

A story about twin witches who are very different!

There’s something strange about Minnie. She is a witch and really she is a very bad witch.Minnie uses all of her magic spells to cause trouble. The more trouble she causes the happier Minnie becomes.

 There’s something strange about Gertie as well. She is also a witch. Gertie is a very effective witch and her spells work very well too. Gertie always uses her spells to help people and to make them happy. Her magic is just as effective as her twin sister’s but the results are always very different.

ISBN: 978-0-244-62945-8

New book!

Abracadabra Headmaster!

When Matthew's work was too untidy he was sent to see the Headmaster and something strange happened. The Headmaster picked up a slim silver pencil and lightly tapped Matthew on the sleeve. Then, for a squelch of a second he hadn’t been Matthew. For the middle of a moment he had felt surrounded by a hard something. For a tenth of a tick he’d been tiny – and then he was normal. What was going on?

Could the headmaster work magic?

Available from Amazon: abracadabra+headmaster


All of Mark's Children's books are published  in aid of 

Action for Children 

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