Cast - 23 speaking parts (9m, 7f, 7 variable plus Guards, Clowns and Cave Men)

Running time - about 80 minutes - depending on production - plus interval

Set - One basic set and scenic props  Costumes - fantasy fun

The Prince of Clubs is suffering from hypochondria but if he could be made to laugh he might be cured. An entertainment is arranged but Fata Morgana, an evil witch, casts a spell to prevent laughter. She falls over, showing her bloomers and the Prince laughs.

Furious she curses him to fall in love with three oranges but they are guarded by Creonta, a giantess who loves to cook humans. 

The Prince saves the oranges but when they are cut open princesses are inside! Fata Morgana has some more tricks in store but somehow a happy ending is achieved.


'The children enjoyed every moment of the performance and I have had many a teacher and parent comment on this fact. In short, I have had a wonderful week of people commenting on the success of the show each pointing out their particular favourite moment.'

Glynis Brown - Plymouth College

'We loved your script - great dialogue and humour and no patronising tone.'

Liz Carroll, Progress Theatre, Reading


One member of the audience said:

'If there was entertainment like this every night I would throw away my television.'

Alistair Hunter, Levenmouth YMCA and Behind The Scenes Youth Theatre.


The complete  script of
The Love for Three Oranges 
is published by 
Silver Birchington Plays, 
Ilminster, Somerset, UK.


Three Oranges Sample.pdf Three Oranges Sample.pdf
Size : 774.515 Kb
Type : pdf

This play has had twenty-six productions in UK, USA,

Singapore, Canada, China and Switzerland.

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