Cinderella lived happily ever after, but what happened to her sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe?
Distraught at the turn of events that has robbed them of their servant the sisters decide to become kind, especially when they see a little old lady who seems to need help and who has a touch of magic about her.  
Their wishes seem to come true ...

Cast - Minimum male roles - 5, Minimum female roles - 6, Minimum total with doubling-25, Minimum without doubling - 30 + extras at producer's discretion.

Set - One basic set to which features are added.

Costumes - Suitable historical 'fairy tale' style.

  'Cinderella's Sisters ... happy ever after?'

is published by

 Lazy Bee Scripts

Read the script on line   Cinderella's Sisters

'Cinderella's Sisters ... happy ever after?'

performed by 

Dreamaker Drama Education Academy, Beijing, China 

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