Bl ... Bl ... Bluebeard!


A comic Gothic horror fairy story!

Duke Bluebeard lives in a grim castle, is feared by all and everyone stutters when pronouncing his name. No one really knows what dark things happen in his castle. 

Having disposed of wife number five Bluebeard decides that Boulotte, the local May Queen will be his next wife, little knowing what he has let himself in for! Presenting his new wife at the court of King Bobeche and Queen Hortensia he spies their daughter Princess Marie and immediately decides that she shall be wife number seven. 

He orders his personal inventor, Popolani, to make the arrangements and proceeds to the palace. Suddenly Boulotte and Bluebeard’s previous wives reappear and confront him. 

Everything is neatly resolved in a way that shatters the Bluebeard myth in its entirety.


Minimum: Male Roles 12  * Female roles 8  * Minimum total with doubling 24 * without doubling 33.

Plus extras - Bodyguards, Courtiers, Ministers, Footmen and if desired, sheep.

Running time - depending on production - about 70 minutes plus interval.

Sets - three simple sets - a dungeon, a village green and a throne room.

Costumes: fantasy fun.

Published by Lazy Bee Scripts

Read the script on line   Bl ... Bl... Bluebeard


'One of our audience, a friend of mine with no children on stage, said he almost had to go out of the hall at one point because he was laughing so much. Many people asked where I had found the script and said how funny and well written it was. I also had comments that it was the best night out for ages.'

'Thank you, Mark, for writing such a wonderful play!'

Jacki Ballinger, Chetwood School, Essex, UK

'Many people commented that it was one of the best scripts we have ever performed at the Junior School in 14 years so that's praise indeed.' 

Furrukh Riaz, Elizabeth Moir Junior School, Colombo, Sri Lanka

'Of 20 teachers about 15 thought it was the best play our drama club had ever performed. I credit the script for that; the play was very funny and the language, even with the British humor, was easily understood.'

Peggy Johns, H B Dupont School, Rhode Island, USA

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