Baron Counterblast


 The year is 1715. Baron Counterblast blusters in to the court of King Oscar and Queen Rosalind determined to marry their daughter Princess Melodie . When she refuses him the baron promises to return, threatening to bring Grunge, his giant fire-breathing ogre with him.

The king and queen fall asleep on their thrones as they are exhausted by the events. They are awoken by the palace cleaners, Mr and Mrs Gumption and their daughter Dizzie, who have unexpectedly arrived from the twenty first century. 

The royal family long for a day off and when Dizzie points out that her parents look very like the royal couple they agree to exchange places for twenty four hours. The Gumption family know nothing of Beastly Baron Counterblast and so confusion abounds and further develops when the real royal family returns. 

Grunge attacks with flames and Dizzie summonses some modern fire-fighters, tricks the baron, and solves the Royal Family’s problems as well.


  From 1715

    King Oscar                           

    Queen Rosalind

    Princess Melodie      }            

    Princess  Bellina       } eligible princesses

    Princess Adelia         } 

    Montmorency           Court Chamberlain

    Duke of Boombury     }

    Duchess                    }

    Lady Natter                }  the King’s Advisers

    Sir Edgar Wallop        }

    Lady Snoozy              }

    Courtiers                 (Optional.)

    Baron Counterblast     a beastly aristocrat

    Grott                         }  Counterblast’s bodyguards

    Splodd                      }             

    Grunge                      a very smelly ogre

  From 2015

    Elsie Gumption           a palace cleaner

    Harold Gumption         a palace cleaner

    Dizzie Gumption          their daughter

    Fire Chief

    Fire Officer One

    Fire Officer Two


    One set 

            The throne room of a palace with practical door and window.



                    Grunge - a very smell ogre!

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