All right! Snow White! New Play!

 Queen Esmerelda is infuriated when she reads of Snow White's happiness after she is married to Prince Troolee. Determined to have revenge Esmerelda forces her sister Harrietta to cast a spell that turns Troolee into a frog! As the spell  begins to work Prince Troolee finds he can only speak in French! Esmerelda then orders her French chef, M. Saucisson, to cook frog's legs for supper! The Fourteen Dwarfs - seven male and seven female - come to the rescue. Harrietta helps Snow White and  Troolee to give Queen Esmerelda her just deserts!


Queen Esmeralda                    an evil enchantress

Mirror             who reflects carefully before speaking

Princess Harrietta       a witch who is out of practice

Cornelius                                     a clever footman 

Saucisson                                        a French chef

Artefact     Butler to Prince Troolee and  Snow White

Wiseness               }

Wishful                  }

Sniffly                   }

Comfy                   }              seven male dwarfs

Dodgy                   }            

Hairy                     }

Lazy                      }

Snow White

Prince Troolee

Saucie                    }             

Nippie                    }

Snippie                  }

Livelie                    }              seven female dwarfs

Clumsie                 }

Craftie                    }

Hastie                    }

Letter                                    (Voice only.)

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Script samples

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Queen Esmeralda plots with Harrietta

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Queen Esmeralda is taught a lesson .

The end of Act 2

Sample two.pdf Sample two.pdf
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Script and performance rates.

Script and performance rates.pdf Script and performance rates.pdf
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The first group to apply for a licence to produce this play will be offered a very special rate. Only the script charge will be applied. No royalties will be charged.

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Monsieur Saucisson

New play!                  New Play! 

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