'The kids love it! We love it! I can't wait 'til we open, it's hilarious. 

The pace is brilliant.

Thanks for writing it.'       

            Drew Fitzsimmons, 

           Kentwood Players,

            Los Angeles, USA


First performances given by Kentwood Kids at Westchester Playhouse, Los Angeles

Canard, the bumbling astrologer to King Confort, keeps making unfortunate 

predictions that cause comic chaos...

King Confort is worried. He can't find a citizen who is willing to criticise him or his government, and tradition demands the execution of a critic to accompany his birthday celebrations.

Discouraged, he informs his Astrologer that, dissatisfied with endless gloomy predictions, he has written into his will that the Astrologer must die fifteen minutes after the king breathes his last.

The king's sisters then gang up on the Astrologer, pressuring him into predicting that the king will die, in the hope of worrying him into an early grave.

Into all this confusion come a heavily disguised princess and her father, investigating the kingdom before her marriage to the king.

All sorts of unfortunate and unforeseen comic and chaotic consequences follow.

SETTINGS  - Two simple sets. A town square and the throne room of the King Confort's palace.

CAST -  Minimum male roles = 11, Minimum female roles = 10 + extras. Considerable doubling is possible.

TIME - The play takes place in a kingdom swallowed up by history. It is the day before the birthday of King Confort, a few hundred years before last Thursday.

 Published by Lazy Bee Scripts  www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Read the script on line

All in the Stars

Featured in Broadway World  ALL-IN-THE-STARS

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