Aladdin's Arabian Nightmare

A familiar tale is given an unusual retelling! 

Look out for more news.

Aladdin's Arabian Nightmare 

will be available from 15th March 2020
In this version of the story the Genie of the Ring and the Genie of the Lamp can summon anyone Aladdin needs to help him! 

So the characters include ...

Houdonti - an escapologist
(Houdini can't help as he's a bit tied up.)
Sherlock Holmes - a detective
Dr Watson - of course
Robin Hood - an expert in archery
Jane Spond - a spy
William Shakespeare - a master story teller

Ali Baba (a back street hairdresser) has also crept into the story together with a talking Snake and a speaking Magic Carpet.

There's also Four Thieves who steal tea from passing caravans. 
They are The Four Tea Thieves!

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