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Commenting on  'Bl ... Bl ... Bluebeard!'

'Many people commented that it was one of the best scripts we have ever performed at the Junior School in 14 years so that's praise indeed.' 

Furrukh Riaz - Elizabeth Moir Junior School, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Count Dracula's 
Summer Holiday

The count reluctantly goes on holiday to England and becomes involved in seaside entertainment.

More details:-

Baron   Counterblast 

18th and 21st centuries collide in comic chaos. 

More details 

The Red King 

A satirical farce set in the future. Suitable for performance by older youth drama groups or adults.

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'Cinderella's Sisters ... happy ever after?' 

Cinderella lived happily ever after, but what happened to her sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe?  

The jealous sisters are lost without their servant ...

          More information: cinderellas-sisters

A traditional story retold with extra humour.

The Love for Three Oranges 

More details:




'I looked at many, MANY shows; many scripts; your show affords a large cast and a bunch of fun characters.'

Amy Allen Cano, 

Director of Theatre, Whitfield School, St Louis, MO, USA 


Bl ... Bl... Bluebeard!

A comic Gothic horror 

fairy story.

More information : bluebeard

'Thank you, Mark, for writing such a wonderful play!' School Play Scripts

Jacki Ballinger, Chetwood School, Essex, UK

All right! Snow White!

A new play continuing the tale of Snow White and her prince.

More information:


Seeking Sleeping Beauty 

A twisted fairy tale or a fairy tale twisted!

More information:


'A great production that all can be involved in.'

Chris Barrow - Bedford Modern Junior School

 All in the Stars

More information:


'The kid's love it, we love it ... it's hilarious. The pace is brilliant. Thanks for writing it.'

Drew Fitzsimmons, Kentwood Players, Los Angeles, USA

Perfect Pupil 

A school has adventures with a robot pupil that is used for an inspection.

More information:


Individual  pages give full information about each play.

The Zoron 

Playing a game on a computer  causes confusion and chaos.

More information:



'The script was perfect for this age group. It had plenty of speaking parts with no starring lead and there was plenty of humour.'

Christine Earnshaw, Glebe House School, Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK

Aladdin's Arabian 

Famous characters from other stories become involved in the famous tale.

More information

Mark Billen's 

School Play Scripts 

have been selected for performance by schools and colleges  in

UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia  

and by international schools in 

Germany, France, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Switzerland.

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